Friday, April 17, 2009


Alan and I are proud of these.
Four or five years ago he begged to pollinate my amaryllis. I reluctantly let him and it set seeds. In spring I put the seeds in the big redwood porch container and incredibly they grew. The past couple of years they have set out meagre blooms, but this year they simply went crazy. What a show!! We are going to try crossing the white and pink one, which is just coming into bloom with these red orange ones and see what happens. I also pollinated a red one in the kitchen and it is forming a seed pod right now.

Roughly fifty tomato plants started and twenty kaleidoscope peppers. More than we really need, but that beats too few every time.
Varieties: Rutgers, Cluster Grande, Oregon Spring, Better Boy and one other, the name of which escapes me.

Enjoying the
merveille de quatre saisons lettuce I grew from seed that I saved from last year. It has the most incredible flavor!!! It actually tastes good all by itself, rather than serving as a vehicle for salad dressing and other vegetables.

Been potting out the tiny sunrise cacti
I grew from seed this winter. It took so very long for them to begin to grow, but they are so incredibly cool. I am not sure what I am going to do with pots and pots and pots of little holiday cacti, but if I need 'em, I will have them. There are half a dozen more fruits on the plants so I could start hundreds, maybe thousands if I found some reason to do so. Room is an issue.

I guess we are in for some more bad weather, but it sure has been a nice week. Wish we had got the heifer fence done, but the good weather brings out salesmen in droves....and milk inspectors...

Happy gardening!!


Anonymous said...

Fred Nice flowers!!! You know what our garden stuffis doing.
Love ya

threecollie said...

Hey Matt! I hear tales of the jungle that is taking over your abode. lol
Love you too!