Monday, May 18, 2009

A Planting We Will Go


Saturday the guys got somewhere between 14 and 21 acres planted to new seeding. (The planter says one thing, the map another...we suspect the planter is smarter than the map but...) Didn't get it cultipacked though as it rained at least two inches in the 12 hours after they finished. Still wet and terribly cold. Freeze warnings every night. It drives me nuts as I want to get the houseplants and tomatoes out! The cows hate it too and don't want to leave the barnyard to go to pasture. Can't say as I blame them.

Mitten leaves on a mulberry bush

The same day I put in beans and two rows of giant sunflowers. Put scarlet runner beans in with the sunflowers. Lettuce is up outside. Have planted parsnips, peas and two kinds of onions. Lots of volunteer hyssop, which I am going to pot up and let Becky sell at a yard sale if she wants to.

The scarlet campion seeded itself too, for which I am grateful as the original plant wintered over then froze in February. As soon as it warms up and dries up enough to get back to gardening I am going to be busy as heck planting the rest of the garden and moving and potting volunteers....


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