Sunday, March 22, 2009

Christmas in March

That is what you get when the garden season begins. It is really too early to do much. Can't even walk on the boggy clay of the upper garden.(I did spread manure there this week.) However, raking off the big flower bed was like getting a whole sack full of presents. I tend to plant and forget so there are all kinds of tulips I put in last fall, another thingie, probably a lupin, which I bought somewhere and stuck in, lots of little shoots of daylilies, iris, cranesbill and all manner of things. The blue stuff I coveted for so many years and finally bought at Cobleskill Agway wintered over. If only I could remember what it was. It won't be long now....


Matt said...

Fred Looked in the rock garden by the drivway all kinds of tulips that we forgot about.Kegan planted them!!
Planted peppers today(sun)six flats.
Love ya

threecollie said...

Matty, Isn't it wonderful! One of the best parts of spring for me!
Love you too