Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Propagating Geraniums

I do this in two ways...from seed and from soft tissue cuttings. For the latter I use bulb jars, just because they are small and attractive. I pinch soft, green tips with a few leaves off my favorite plants and keep them in the little jars of water until they are well-rooted. Then I plant them in containers of earth. This winter I am using four-inch pots, as space is an issue.

The first one I did last fall is blooming for the second time.

Seeds are started, usually earlier than this, but March is acceptable, in cookie containers. Beck likes the cookies that come in clear plastic, snap lid containers so I have saved several over the winter.

I fill the bottom half with seed starting mix, moisten with warm water, firm the evenly spaced seeds, about six to a box onto the surface of the soil and cover with just a dusting of dry seed starting mix.

Then I snap the boxes shut, write the variety and date on the label and set in a sunny window. When the seedlings are large and robust they can be transplanted to the container of your choice.

Most of the geraniums I have now were started from seeds over the years. In fact last fall I had so many more than I had room for that any that were scraggly and worn out got the frost treatment. I felt bad about it and kept bringing in "{just one more" but I did manage to toast a few of them.

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