Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor neglected blog

You would think from the number of posts here that nothing has been happening in the Northview Dairy farm garden. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This year we have had the best garden in years. It sure has been fun to take care of it.

We have had lots of potatoes with more to dig. A certain amount of potato scab and some hollow ones showed up, but they taste incredibly good. Lots of tomatoes, zucchini (although never enough) the best crop of sweet corn in a decade, carrots, herbs, hot peppers, giant sunflowers, a few beans and we have been eating like kings.

Liz and I have been putting up all we can. We need to get some paper bags for the rest of the potatoes. We would like to get out and pick some raspberries at the pick your own up the road, but time is an issue (there is the reason for no posts...time). Soon we will get a frost and the fall apples will ripen up. Then we will make some jelly I hope. I add cinnamon to my apple jelly, which makes it much more interesting in flavor. This year I am going to spice some with the seasonings you would normally put in apple pie...hopefully resulting in apple pie jelly......imagine apple pie on toast......yummmmmmm.

This summer I have been dabbling in saving seeds. I have always saved 4-o'clock seeds and a few other flowers, but this year I saved lettuce, giant sunflower, and hyssop seeds and am going to try to get some seeds from the vegetable marrows. It was such a great year for the garden that we even got a nice crop of acorn squash out of the compost bin.
I hate to see the season end!


Anonymous said...

Fred , Glad yours was so good ours was good as well other than the tomatos.
Love ya

threecollie said...

Matt, I am enjoying putting up food so much this year. Boiled down tomatoes into sauce/soup stock yesterday and froze it. The house smells so good when I do.
Love you too!