Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walking onions

Top, or walking onions

Are starting to set tops now. As soon as these harden off you can plant them either in pots or in the ground to propagate as many as you want. They will self sow as well, which is how they earned their nick name.

Peas in bloom


Anonymous said...

Yeah, walking onions. Uh huh. I called them something else when I was a kid. They'd grow by our back gate and when my brother, dad or I would haul firewood in, we'd inevitably have mashed loads of them and have "juice" on our boots as we strutted across the living room carpet. They are fantastic to look at, and these pics sure do bring back a memory or two. Good stuff.

threecollie said...

Mine were given to me when I was around 24 or so and I have been moving them from house to house ever since. I like the way they look and use them to cook....never had anyone track them into the living room though. lol