Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cats in the Garden Pond two by two

And in my freshly tilled soil everywhere. These darned little barn cats wrecked my first planting of beans, which I replanted yesterday. They are always knocking over the water garden plants and trying to catch the gold fish and koi. The only one that doesn't drive me nuts is Kashette.

If you think that wheelbarrow is going to keep us out of that nice litter box you just tilled up, think again!

Defense against the dark (cat) arts

We didn't do it...and that's our story and we're stickin' to it

Yesterday after night milking the boss took the skid steer with the stone bucket on it and dug over my old sheep pen garden patch. It is so fertile up there (after years of housing sheep) that a cow parsley plant will have a root as big as my wrist in a few months. The soil was very dry and worked up beautifully to a fine, crumbly texture. Wish I could plant today, but it rained a little last night and our soil is such that if you touch it when wet it compacts to the consistency of hardened cement.

While he dug I weeded my squash and giant sunflowers and put a little Sevin on the squash. Cucumber beetles are practically wiping it out. I have been gardening every minute that I am not milking cows, bookkeeping, cooking or writing...and there has been darned little cooking or bookkeeping going on around here. I do flowers one day and food the next. I couldn't get very forward with the food gardening though until the boss got my ground ready for me. Soon as it dries out, full speed ahead.

Geranium and petunia seedlings, just planted and waiting for some sun.


Anonymous said...

Fred; last day in denver. travel today won't get home until midnite or later. nice plants with cats!!
love ya

threecollie said...

Hey little trip home and hope we get to talk this weekend. Love you too.
and thanks!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these garden pics. The color, texture, and greenness are amazing. Raising them, photographing them and anti-catting them is pretty evident here. NICE. In my little 1/1000 of an acre, I think I've done very well anti-deerwise this year.
Love those mischevious kitties. They're just doing their kitty thing. Right???

threecollie said...

STeve, thank you! The garden by the "pond" is a great delight to me in summer and it is such a pleasure to work in. The kitties are a plague, but they are good hunters and cute. I just resent doing their digging for them. lol