Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May happenings

Wild violets


Beans are partly planted. Now if only the cats would stop digging them up. More lettuce up. Spinach up. Some squash and a row of big head sunflowers in. Planted some Hosta, var Striptease that Alan bought me for Mother's Day. Also have a new echinacea, but I have to decide where to put that as it is going to be tall. The lawn needs mowing.....


Anonymous said...

OMG look at that! Green stuff! Finally!
I'm starting to get envious here, TC. The hills here are starting to turn that nice shade of tan which usually indicates it's nasty bug season, too. I love the sun and the warmth though.
Very nice looking greens!!!

threecollie said...

STeve, Spring is going slowly here...not a bad thing. Things are staying pretty longer so far...thanks