Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do Not

Buff Orpington hen nibbling the last of the indoor lettuce

Dig up the Asiatic lilies
you planted last year in the course of making a hole for the gladiolus for this year.

(Dang it!)

Garden stuff happening now:

1) Four gold fish made it through. They seem to be mating. The sun fish will probably eat the fry.
2) Planted: lettuce, spinach, carrots, dahlias, cannas, mixed flowers, peas, beans (Slankette, the best variety I have ever found) Scarlet runner beans, 4 O'clocks, lilies of the valley and gladiolus (in the place where the Asiatic lilies were-duh)
3) Lettuce is up. Spinach too. And peas.
4) Need to buy another seed flat and get a lot more tomatoes going. Set out some squash seed just in case.
5)Started some new water cannas. Hope they grow well.

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