Sunday, June 17, 2007

From the diaries and from home

From Charles Thurwood diary 1874 Fort Plain, NY Warm and showery and I worked fro Ab Dunckel worked in the hop yeard and in the afternoon we had thunder showers and rained very hard and our colt got sick and Dunckel came down at night 20 eggs

From Hattie Lippencott diary 1928 i went to church but not SS school as Amelia and Addy came to dinner. They went to church also. Mate came over. We went to church in the evening.

Here at Northview in 2007;

I wrote about how much I enjoyed black locust trees in bloom in the Farm Side this week and a friend called to let me dig a couple in his daughter's yard. Liz and I went and got them and Alan planted them for me. ***Update-the darned things died within days. Have to try again this fall.

The lovage is nearly as high as my head
and coming into bloom now. Other, smaller herbs are also doing well. Mulching with straw brought all the thymes through the winter and the variegated pineapple mint finally made it through as well. The so-called yellow lilac I have been nurturing for years is finally going to bloom. Doesn't look too spectacular though. The garden pond is fully functional, at least in part because I broke down and used algae killer on it. Makes for much clearer water. There will be a water lily in bloom today, plain white, but pretty just the same.

The boss dug me up some ground with the skid steer so I got more tomatoes
, beans, and some squash in. Not nearly as much as I would like and the cats already broke one tomato off, but I am glad to have a few things planted anyhow. It is about as nice a season as New York has to offer

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