Sunday, May 27, 2007

Here in 2007

All the little wild flowers I planted and the calendulas and forgetmenots, dahlias and such are up and in the two leaf stage. There are lily pads open on the garden pond, irises are ready to bloom soon, and lettuce ready to pick. I really need to get the tomatoes and hot peppers out but haven't yet. The sitting porch is ready for sitting and blessedly cool in the afternoon.

I was wondering why the hummers suddenly vanished
but a look down the driveway made it all clear. Acres and acres of wild honeysuckle open now..they don't need my sugar water. As I sat looking out at the porch yesterday two vultures flew by and I actually saw the top of them rather than the bottom because they were in the air channel over the river. They look quite exotic from above.


chilly said...

For some reason I haven't seen but two or three hummingbirds this year. Haven't done anything different this year than I've done in past years when I've always had maybe 15 or more all summer long.
BTW: Nice blog and fun to read. Keep up the good work. :)

threecollie said...

Hi Chilly and thanks for visiting.
Ours are on again off again, depending on what is in bloom. They also like to visit during storms and very early in the morning.