Thursday, July 3, 2014

Year Bird

Didn't expect to get a year bird for the farm count today, and certainly didn't expect it to be something as common as a House Finch, but it was.

It showed up on the new feeder (thanks again, Linda) on the new arbor (thanks, Jade) inches away from the newly washed kitchen window.

I have been watching and listening for House Finches all year, but this is the first for some reason. She was accompanied by the second, and Liz says several others as well.

Saw an interesting bird thing or two this week. First a Red-Tailed Hawk, hotly pursued by a pair of Common grackles, winged his way by with a big snake clutched in his talons.

And then a Wood Thrush, which has started singing quite often from the very edge of the lawn. It is the closest this wonderful singer has ever come to the house. Usually they prefer to hang out down in the front field or down by the road. He is a welcome addition to early mornings and sultry evenings.

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Anne Lane said...

Great pics. Really love the colors