Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Could be the Year

When Northview gets its garden back on. For the past few years, hideous weather and my broken foot have stalled vegetable production. However, this year Liz 'n' Jade have already plowed and rototilled two of the gardens. And my foot is a lot better.

Liz transplanted a bunch of volunteer garlic last Sunday. It may not amount to much or even grow at all, but she really has nothing to lose.

Then today the boss made a new bed out of barnyard earth and composted manure. Plans are to let that one settle and then plant some squash and pumpkins there.

And I finally planted a second pot of McDonald rhubarb the boss bought me last year, which wintered very nicely in a pot beside the driveway. Also got some sand and compost on the asparagus next to the back step. It doesn't look the greatest this year, but it's tough stuff. I expect that it will come on.

Hopefully the kids will find the time to get their veggies into the ground...I will help them care for them as much as I can...and maybe they will have some to freeze later.

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