Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And So it is Spring

Lettuce is up in the barrels, as are a few beets and some other stuff...can't seem to remember exactly what I put in there one cold day..oh well, I will figure it out when it comes up.

The tarda tulips my Canadian friend gave me last year are blooming eagerly. They are simply delightful and I think of her whenever I see them.

Liz's BF did both gardens with a big Troy Built horse rototiller yesterday
. The soil is beautiful, smooth and dark and rich. I planted a few radishes and beets this morning just because I could. I used Pinetree garden seeds mixtures as I love surprises...or at least garden surprises...and trying new varieties.

I am scaling back tomatoes this year though.
After last year's blight I am gun shy. We planted 52 tomato plants and only ended up with a dozen or so fruits because of the blight. This year I will plant in barrels and just really nurture what I do grow...rather than going for a large volume.

Anyhow, back to planting, and writing this garden blog after a long winter hiatus.


Mappy said...

Hi Thanks for posting here love you

threecollie said...

Love you too bro...the only thing that was keeping me from posting was space limits. I ponied up my five bucks and now have all the space I can use so I will get back to it as I have time.