Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Italian Seasoning

There once was a time when we used about two small bottles of the stuff a year. Then as the kids got older and the pots of spaghetti got bigger we graduated to the great big bottles from BJ's. Then Alan introduced us to the delights of cooking meat with a hearty sprinkling.

I have always liked it in my scrambled eggs and omelets in the winter when I can't pick fresh herbs (although we do have chives on the kitchen windowsill). It got to the point where I couldn't keep Italian seasoning in the house.

Therefore, I asked Mom to pick me up a massive amount from the food cooperative she belongs to. Seemed like a solution to the always out of it situation.

No luck.
None came in.

So.....she very generously gave me packages of basil, oregano and marjoram out of her stash. I already had a big bag of dried thyme. I experimented with recipes and came up with one that the kids like so much they empty my little shaker jar in less than a week. No problem. It only takes a minute to make more.

My recipe:
2 parts oregano

2 parts marjoram
1 part basil
1 part thyme (or maybe a little extra thyme because the kids really like it).
Shake it all up together and there you go.


Anonymous said...

fred sounds good. Moms just wonderfull!!!!
Lisa finishing up rugs for today also. Went to the bone cruncher friday after noon what a relief.I feel ten years youger.
I wove yesterday (rugs)
See you this afternoon!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fred Bought seeds at agway today Boy did that feel good!!!
Bought two pounds of sweet corn seed. Think that will be enough??
Love ya

threecollie said...

Matt, I dunno, depends on how big a patch you want to plant. We put in 20 last year...way more than enough! lol