Saturday, November 10, 2007

End of the growing season

It is over, done, fini. The corn is crispy now, there is only one bit of water lettuce left in the pond and that is all frazzled around the edges. I have tossed the last tomatoes and discovered to my woe, that my favorite apple orchard is closed for the year. (Already!!) Although most of the garden is finished, a few things are still available for culinary enjoyment. Chives thrive. There is still a pile of parsley next to the porch. If you care for carrots, I have two containers yet. Grapes for the grabbing dangle from a lonesome apple tree.

After a summer of cut offs and flip flops (and walking mighty careful around the edge of the lawn) I have the great pleasure of vanquishing nettles with but one stomp of my high rubber boots. Take that you stinging stinker you...and THAT and THAT and THAT!!

We are far from ready for winter, but it is beating on the back porch door, poking at the windows with freezing fingers and swirling down the chimney in a tizzy....(Out, out damned icicle) Oh, well...spring will come in due time (it says here in fine print.)

Meanwhile the cows will pass up pasture and consume corn silage like this instead...and we will waddle around in boots and bundles of heavy clothes and dream of better days.

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