Thursday, May 3, 2007


From Matthew:

  • Short Term: Get debt paid down after the year from Hell in dairying. Hope higher milk prices will somehow balance out astronomical increases in corn, fuel and taxes before we have to sell the cows and get jobs in town.
  • Consuming Goal and Dream: Get kids through college, whole and happy, get Becky and Alan their drivers' licenses this summer. Somehow cope with the terror and worry when they drive off into the sunset
  • Longer Term: Sell and have published a book...any book, and/or sell something to a national magazine. Other than short humorous stuff for American Agriculturist and Country Women, which I have already done.
  • Long Term: turn over the farm, running and healthy to grown children who are ready to handle it wisely and balance decent lives with the all-consuming work
  • Really Long Term: Live the later years gracefully and productively. Die fast and easy when the time comes

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