Friday, March 30, 2007

(Not so) sudden pond death

The garden pond took a disastrous beating this winter. With prolonged and extreme cold weather it seems to have frozen solid despite attempts to keep it thawed with a stock tank heater. Dead gold fish are floating up every day and one of the frogs showed up yesterday. I am really thankful that only two frogs chose to hibernate there this winter. At least the fish in the stock tank are thriving so I can restock after it becomes warm enough to start the filter and fountain. Down in the twenties again last night after a fairly warm, but breezy day. More good sugaring weather. We saw an old propane tank turned into a sap container yesterday, with a little gasoline powered pump shifting the sap uphill to a sap house. Neat.

Clear and sharply cold with a wine red sunrise this morning. Lovely but strange.

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