Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cute little bunny rabbits

This is an Ida Red apple tree I planted two years ago. The darling little bunnies also completely decapitated three baby Honey Crisp trees nearby. As you can see, I had nice wire cages around the trees to prevent this sort of damage. What you can't see is that the snow was somewhere in the neighborhood of as high as my head (not all that high, but too much for these little trees). This gave sylvilagus floridanus a golden opportunity to eat them. Not sure what to do as far as replanting. How do you protect trees in that kind of snow? Just before the boss's mom passed on mice girdled a tree that was at least thirty feet high and killed it during a winter of excessive snow. You can't really build a cage that high I guess.

There is one lone, but lovely, goldfish left in the garden pond. I saw him last night, by the light of my flashlight, when I came over from the barn. It was so pleasant outside that I just didn't want to go inside, so I stayed out and puttered around in the dark. The surviving fish was a great reward.

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